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NIS has a broad spectrum of training capabilities inclusive of classroom instruction, curriculum/courseware design, and dynamic learning and training using 3D Multimedia Animation, Simulations and high-resolution modeling.   Our simulations and adaption of technologies replicate real world systems using high quality, high resolution modeling.

Nationwide IT Services, Inc. (NIS) is a training provider to multiple Federal agencies delivering training topics on Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Business, and Interactive Custom Training Solutions.  Our training capabilities include: courseware development, instructional delivery, instructional support, interactive web-based training, and information technology.  Our training objective is to apply solutions driven, competency based, collaborative effective training solutions to achieving the goals and mission objectives.  We have expertise in different learning modalities such as Andragogy (adult learning) and delivery methods that include training solutions for stand-alone, reusable learning contents, interactive media, web-based and 3-D courseware.  Our expertise also includes Section 508 DL for IMI Computer Managed Instruction, Mobile Learning, Serious Gaming, Simulations, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Evolving and emerging technologies change business processes, affect roles, transform responsibilities, and impact organizational structures. Training and process standardization is critical to an organization’s success. NIS collaborates to streamline project management, IT and business processes. NIS designs tailored training approaches that focus on the end user, rather than the project team. We consider the audience, delivery method and desired results.


Based on background, experiences and values, staff at all levels have their own attitudes towards changes. This is one of the overlooked factors which determines the effectiveness of training courses. Our team works closely with change management personnel to address preconceived notions and enable learning. NIS-signature approaches are applicable whether programs are instructor led in person or online, because we know how to support people in both environments.

We provide structured skills transfer and staff mentoring that reduce total cost of ownership and achieve the full benefits of system implementation to ensure your continued success.

Our trainers bring the background and certifications to be able to convey the practical considerations of implementing technology change processes, solutions, and industry best practices such as ITSM.

NIS Capability Statement