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Our executive leadership is made up of experienced and impassioned experts with decades of proven experience, leading high-profile IT projects in support of the federal government's demanding requirements.

Our leaders

CK Park-Final 5MB-1258.jpg

C.K. Park

President & CEO


Scott Rempel

Vice President, Operations

Eun-Hee Lee-final 5MB-1222.jpg

Eun Hee Lee



Mark Micke

Director, Program Operations


Alphonso "Al" Ross

Program Director, DLA

Michelle Le-final 5MB-1411.jpg

Michelle Le


Susanna Thornton

Director, Contracts

Janice Raleigh-final 5MB-1363.jpg

Janice Raleigh

Director, Human Resources

Great leaders have a great team behind them.
Our people are the heart of Nationwide IT Services.

CEO Message

At Nationwide IT Services, Inc. (NIS), we pride ourselves on providing value-added services. The past year has been no exception. As I travel across the country to meet our employees and customers, I am always impressed and excited about the future of our company. Our employees are terrific people supporting terrific customers, and I’m honored to be a part of such a great organization. Even with so many political, economic, competitive, and operational influences impacting our company on all fronts, I am impressed with how flexible and responsive our team is at meeting the needs of our customers and adapting to the changing technology landscape.​

As it reflects in our vision

“To be an organization that succeeds through employees and integrity by providing value-added services and a commitment to excellence!”

I truly believe it captures the essence of our company that will lead to our

long-term success.

Through the combined efforts of our employees, I am confident that NIS will continue to meet the most difficult challenges of our customers and add value to their investments.

NIS is always looking for potential employees who are passionate about their work and interested in making a difference to our customers and the lives of others,

I encourage you to contact us today.

C.K. Park, PMP
President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Great leaders have a great team behind them.
Our people are the heart of Nationwide IT Services.

Learn more about how Nationwide IT Services can bring agile, customized innovations to make your organization more flexible, adaptable and connected.

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