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NIS Contributes to Northern Virginia Community College's Student Success Fund

Nationwide IT Services (NIS) recently made a $20,000 contribution in support of Northern Virginia Community College’s (NOVA) Student Success Fund. The fund serves as an invaluable resource for NOVA students facing often unexpected financial challenges and allows them to pursue their education with additional financial support.

As NOVA’s most impactful fund, the Student Success Fund exists to remove barriers for academically exceptional students by offering scholarships and emergency grants to those in need of financial aid. These academically successful students often encounter a plethora of daily challenges in their path to graduation, including but not limited to food insecurity, housing instability, books, transportation, unexpected medical bills, and more. NIS is proud to be an active participant in removing these financial obstacles from the lives of NOVA students to assist them in pursuing their education.

Upon receipt of NIS’ contribution, the NOVA Foundation stated in a thank you letter: “Through this support, you join a circle of donors who believe in NOVA’s power to transform the lives of our students, their families, and our shared community.” The letter goes on to say: “We know that the path to economic independence and mobility runs through NOVA, and the Student Success Fund will be there to support the whole student so they can finish what they start and earn their degrees.”

Participation in NOVA’s Student Success Fund illustrates NIS’ desire to continue to support our local communities. NIS supports nonprofits such as the Boulder Crest Foundation, through their Bluemont, Virginia location, which is dedicated to assisting recovering traumatic stress-afflicted veterans, first responders and their families; as well as The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation, another nonprofit based in Bristow, Virginia, which works to support children with serious illness, special needs, or those facing medical emergency. With this contribution to NOVA’s Student Success Fund, NIS remains committed to continuing efforts to help local charities and organizations, including those that benefit veterans and youths in need of life-changing support. NIS not only values this contribution to NOVA as an investment in our community, but also as an investment in the future of prospective IT, data, and cybersecurity professionals.

“I believe it’s our responsibility to continue to support our community,” said C.K. Park, President and CEO of NIS. “This is different than other scholarships… it’s more rewarding, a really good cause, and a great way to share our success with the community and give back.”

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